Fliegl developed the heavy-duty push-off body "ASW Stone Truck" specifically for civil engineering companies whose previous heavy goods vehicles had reached the limits of their capabilities. It consists of a highly durable and wear-resistant steel body with a hardness rating of 400 - 450 HB, designed to cope with the extreme demands of the construction sector.

Push-off technology is characterised by its low centre of gravity with low unloading height and, in particular, its fast, problem-free and complete unloading. This ensures utmost stability when working with heavy goods vehicles, particularly on uneven and sloping terrain.

Both you and your customers stand to benefit from push-off technology

  • High level of stability, even on inclines

  • Quick and safe unloading under bridges and power lines, in alleys and industrial buildings, etc.

  • Transport of lime, salt and filling materials for landfill 

  • Very low load centre of gravity ensures significantly faster and better handling on country roads and off-road

  • Enhanced transport performance with reduced wear and diesel costs - less hard braking before corners thanks to "lowered vehicle"

  • Less hard acceleration after corners reduces diesel consumption

  • Extremely low loading height - easier loading with better overview even when using small wheel loaders and excavators.

NOTE: In many countries, the "thermal pack" option is prescribed by the contracting authority for the transportation of asphalt.

Flexible and versatile

Precise and risk-free extraction, e.g. for trail and road construction

  • The spreading width can be altered or adapted using centring plates (optional)

  • The discharge chute enables targeted filling of tyre tracks (optional)

  • Complete emptying, even with highly viscous materials such as clay, loam, silt, "silent asphalt" - no manual cleaning or scraping of the tipper bridge required - enhanced safety due to lower risk

  • Complete emptying of body even with asphalt types such as stone mastic, OPA, PMA, rubber-modified bitumen, etc. - reduces standing times and costly disposal of purchased mixture

  • Enhanced paving quality due to continuous mixing throughout the unloading process

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Benefits of the Fliegl push-off system:



  • No telescopic cylinder



  • Tried-and-tested system

  • Faster unloading

Enhanced safety

Fliegl push-off technology ensures maximum stability. The danger zones during unloading are minimal, thereby enhancing work safety.