Fliegl Bau- und Kommunaltechnik GmbH in Mühldorf offers robust mobile and stationary duplex mixers in all shapes and sizes. The "Mix Master Duplex" mixers impress with their extremely low wear when compared to conventional mixing systems – be it when preparing concrete, mortar and screed or processing gravel, sand, chippings, cement, soil, seed etc. Even earth-moist or rough, coarse-grained materials are mixed thoroughly and effectively in a very short time.


Mix Master Duplex DK       300 DFA 400 DFA 600 DFA 1000 DFA 1400 DFA  
Container volume     approx. l 600 750 1100 1450 2000  
Max. capacity / usable volume*     l 300 400 600 1,000 1,400  
Width     approx. m 1.4 1.6 1.9 2.3 2.7  
Mixing container Ø     mm approx. 2 x 800 2 x 900 2 x 1100 2 x 1250 2 x 1500  
Weight     kg approx. 700 740 1,150 1,640 1,980  
Required oil volume     l/min ONLY 30 ONLY 30 ONLY 38 ONLY 38 ONLY 45 ONLY 45 ONLY 65 ONLY 65 ONLY 90 ONLY 90  
Electr. changeover valve ==> 1 x DA sufficient       Standard/12 V Standard/12 V Standard/12 V Standard/24V Standard/24V  
Max. operating pressure     bar 180 180 180 180 180  
Pressure relief valve       Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional  
Min. lifting force     t 1.4 1.8 2.6 4 5.5  
Wheel loader service weight     t Up to 4.5 Up to 5.6 From 5.7 From 8.5 From 11  
Forklift mounting       Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard  
Bolted wheel loader mounting       Optional Optional Optional - -  
Welded wheel loader mounting       - - - Optional Optional  
Unloading via discharge chutes on either side       Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard  
Unloading to the front       Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard  
Drive       Chain drive   Heavy transfer case      

The main benefits of the Mix Master Duplex DK at a glance

  • Very easy to fill by simply tilting the mixer forward

  • Much higher hourly output 

  • Easy to clean 

  • Mixing while driving

  • Rapid mixing, even of earth-moist material

  • Trouble-free mixing process – significantly lower wear even with recycling material and coarse-grained substances

  • Filling, mixing and emptying – all in a single operation

  • With forklift mounting 

  • Capacity from 300 to 1,400 l 

  • Used across the globe

  • Spreading of mix at any height

  • Rapid emptying It is driven via chute

  • More cost-effective since no second person required

  • Adjustable mixing arm

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Mix Master Duplex DK

Very easy to fill by simply tilting the mixer forward; the loading bucket then opens automatically.

Benefits of the Fliegl duplex mixer compared to screw mixers

Fliegl duplex mixer

Screw mixer

  • Approx. 60% lower oil consumption on hydraulic drive motor

  • 80-90% less wear

  • Wheel loader operation with low speed

  • Reduced fuel consumption and wear on wheel loader

  • Easy cleaning

  • Actual usable volume = machine type
    e.g. 400 DK | approx. 400 l useful capacity | container volume approx. 750 l

  • Much shorter mixing times – approx. 75% time saving

  • Mixing of recycling and coarse-grained materials possible

  • Very high wear on mixing auger and bucket walls caused by rock

  • Poor mixing quality despite long mixing times

  • Extremely high oil consumption

  • Wheel loader operation with very high speed

  • Very high fuel consumption and wear on wheel loader

  • Difficult to clean

  • Specified usable volume generally not accurate in practice
    e.g. type 750 | approx. 350-400 l useful capacity | container volume approx. 750 l

  • Generally not possible


Can be attached to wheel loaders, excavators and telescopic loaders. 

Filling the mixer is child's play: 

  • Open the loading bucket simply by tilting it forward
  • Drive into the rubble, gravel or sand pile

Binders such as water and cement are added after filling the mixer. Mixing can take place while travelling to the point of use. 

Flexible application – easy and practical operation