WFW 4000 | Frame/Body

Frame/Body Standard Optional
Adjustable drawbar, top hitch X  
Adjustable drawbar, bottom attachment   O
Specify the coupling height of the towing vehicle X  
Permitted total weight 5500 kg, drawbar load 1000 kg X  
DIN drawbar eye 40 (Ø 40 mm) X  
Overrun brake: possible only with DIN drawbar eye 40 mm and top hitch (tank tipping cylinder and drawbar suspension not possible) X  
2-circuit compressed air brake with ALB   O
Unsprung X  
Parabolic suspension   O
Without drawbar suspension X  
25 km/h version for Germany with TÜV data sheet, for agricultural/forestry tractors X  
40 km/h version for GERMANY with TÜV data sheet, underride protection and mudguards
Attention: suspension required, depending on tyres, note additional cost
Heavy-duty support wheel, folding X  
Supporting foot, hydraulic (1 double-acting control unit required)   O