ASW 367 Black Bull hydr. | Frame/Axles/Chassis

Frame/Axles Standard Optional
Integrated chassis, no swap chassis, low centre of gravity X  
Reinforced V-drawbar, bottom hitch with hydraulic drawbar suspension, easily adjustable coupling height X  
Permitted total weight 31,000 kg with 4000 kg drawbar load up to 40 km/h, axle spacing approx. 1540 mm, note permitted drawbar load of the tractor (possible only with ball head) X  
2 x supporting stands X  
2-circuit compressed air brake with ALB X  
Hydraulic suspension X  
Forced steering – 3 brake axles, centre rigid, first and last steered, track width 2225 mm, forced steering on tractor vehicle must be adjusted by the customer, possible only with bottom hitch, limited steering lock on tractor vehicle, 2xK50 X  
Axle version 410 x 180, brake drums BPW X  
40 km/h version with COC for agricultural/forestry tractors X  
40 km/h version for export only
Only available on request, customer is responsible for registration and certification
Ball head K80 X  
Approach aid for hydraulic chassis   O