WFW 8600 tandem 80 | Pump system

Pump system Standard Optional
Water pump with Honda WB 30 XT petrol motor
With 3 m suction hose and intake filter
Continuous operating time 1 h 30 min
Total delivery head approx. 28 m
5.0 hp at 3600 rpm
Suction height approx. 8 m
Capacity approx. 1100 l
Compressor 8000 l, heat-resistant, with oil drive:
6" double-flange suction gate valve with 6" quick coupler on left
6" double-flange gate valve (hydraulic) at rear
Siphon separator + additional siphon, silencer with oil separator, wide spreader,
detachable 3 m suction pipe with elbow, 3 m suction hose NW150