ASW Stone Truck 4715 | Body

Body Standard Optional
Body approx. 4730mm x 2370mm x 1150mm, highly wear-resistant steel 400-450 HB X  
5 mm base plate, 4 mm side panels X  
8 mm base plate, 6 mm side panels, reinforced body   O
Body without finishing paint, primed only X  
Standard body painting in RAL 7035 light grey, inside of body primed only   O
Body painting according to RAL ........ (inside of body primed only)   O
Special body painting in RAL 9006 or 9007, inside of body primed only   O
ATTENTION: Metallic truck colours NOT available    
2-part hydraulic rear panel    
Technical load capacity of body up to approx. 20,000 kg, note load capacity of truck chassis. X  
Mechanical potentiometer / truck body   O
Bolted discharge chute for asphalt: (for filling wheelbarrows and road construction, with high centring plates)   O
Folding underride guard for UFS 60 truck, loose   O
1 pair of aluminium mudguards, chequer plate approx. 2750 x 605 mm for double axle   O
Reversing camera   O