Chassis | ASS 272 Compact

Chassis Standard Optional
Total weight 33,000 kg, rear axle load (technically up to 20,000 kg),
assumed coupling load (technically up to 13,000 kg)
Axle spacing approx. 1810 mm
Note: The stated total weight is technically possible but, depending on the loaded material, may not be achievable when adhering to the permitted axle and coupling loads.
100 km/h version with Haldex EBS modular unit and COC documents X  
Telescopic supports, non-detachable under full load X  
Supporting foot with gear   O
2 brake axles, both rigid X  
Air suspension with raising and lowering X  
Axle version with drum brake X  
Coupling height approx.1350 mm X  
Coupling height deviating from standard   O
Air suspension valve for 2nd ride height   O