ASS 477 | Chassis

Chassis Standard Option
Gross train weight for Denmark up to 54/56 t
Total trailer weight 45,000kg
Assumed technical coupling load 15,000 kg
Technical axle load up to 4x9 t
Axle load for quad-axle 30,000 kg, axle spacing 1310/1310/1370 mm
Hydraulically adjustable axle assembly (approx. 1500 mm)
Rear trailing axle
Note: The stated total weight is technically possible but, depending on the loaded material, may not be achievable when adhering to the permitted axle and coupling loads.
100 km/h version with Haldex EBS modular unit (without TÜV/DEKRA approval - standardisation performed by customer) X  
Supporting foot with gear X  
2-circuit compressed air brake with ALB X  
4 brake axles, rear axle steered, automatic locking
Attention: Note reduced ground clearance, special frame required. Axle spacing 1310/1310/1370 mm
Axle version with drum brake X  
Axle version with disc brake   O
Air suspension with raising and lowering X  
Coupling height approx. 1250 - 1300 mm X  
Coupling height deviating from standard, approx.   O
Air suspension valve for 2nd ride height   O