ASS 372 MEGA | Body/Thermal

Body/Thermal Standard Option
Body 7229 - 7230x2370x1290mm
highly wear-resistant steel 400-450HB, capacity approx.: 24 m2 slightly heaped / 21.5 m2 unheaped*
* Note: The load volume may be slightly reduced when using a tarpaulin
5mm base plate, 4mm side panels X  
Thermo Push sliding unit type 3000 A - nova grey
Sliding floor made from highly wear-resistant steel 400-450 HB
Wear- and heat-resistant scrapers
... 29 with tarpaulin, ASS moving panel type 1250 - 1150 A (required for tarpaulin) X  
Standard painting in RAL 7035 light grey (inside of body primed only) X  
Painting according to RAL ........ (inside of body primed only)   O
Special painting in RAL 9006/9007 (inside of body primed only)
Attention: Metallic truck colours NOT available!
2-part hydraulic rear panel X  
2-way control block for hydraulic system
2 x DW NG 10, 24 V (hydraulic system on truck with size 6 HDK screw couplings, 200 bar supply line and pressure-free return required) 
ProSave control with remote control
and additional operation on vehicle
- The rear panel can only be closed when the sliding floor is in loading position.
- Dead-man switch for partial unloading (note instructions for two-button operation)
Thermal sliding tarpaulin, type Cabriole-ADR, mechanically controllable from the ground X  
Thermal sliding tarpaulin, type Cabriole-ADR, 24 V electric drive with remote control, with NATO socket on trailer, without connecting cables. NATO socket required on semitrailer tractor, secured with min. 70 A (not included with delivery).   O
Spiral connecting cable for sliding tarpaulin, with NATO connectors at both ends   O
Thermal pack
Side walls, body floor, bulkhead and rear panel thermally insulated
- Planked with aluminium plates and painted
- Fliegl Isotherm, complete moisture resistance, NO water absorption, high-temperature resistance (continuously over 200°C), dimensionally stable
- Side walls up to 70 mm thick, body floor with up 120 mm thick insulation
- "Green-Line Thermo" labelling
- Manufacturer certificate for thermal vehicles
- Bolted centring plates on rear panel for paver operation
- 4x mechanical temperature indicators on side walls acc. to

FCT digital temperature measurement system: with Bluetooth printer and iOS app, autom. data documentation + transfer
Required parameters on request

Bolted discharge chute, for filling wheelbarrows and road construction   O