ASW 248 BIG RUN | Frame/Body/Chassis

Permitted total weight 22,000 kg, drawbar load 4000 kg up to 40 km/h, note permitted drawbar load of the tractor (possible only with ball head) X  
40 km/h version with COC for agricultural/forestry tractors X  
Technical load capacity off-road up to approx. 25,000 kg X  
Swap chassis, galvanised (bolted push-off body) X  
Hydraulically Sprung draw gear for bottom hitch, easily adjustable coupling height to suit different requirements X  
2-circuit compressed air brake with ALB X  
Axle assembly, mechanically adjustable X  
Axle version 410 x 180, brake drums BPW X  
Parabolic suspension Titan Plus
(up to max. 60 km/h), track width 2050 mm or 2150 mm
Floating axle assembly, BPW rigid, with ALB regulator, pressure gauge and central lubrication strip (up to max. 40 km/h), 1950 mm track width   O
Ball head K80 (80 mm) X  
Supporting stand X  
Mechanically folding underride guard X