Duplex 300 DK mixer | Equipment

Equipment Standard Optional
Agitating tools, sprung, adjustable X  
Heavy oil drive X  
Filling bucket made from fine-grained steel X  
Outlet sliders left and right, mechanical opening X  
Hydraulic slider opening on left in direction of travel, without control valve, with mechanical outlet slider on right
Attention: additional hydraulic circuit (double-acting) required
Hydraulic slider opening, on left in direction of travel, with electromagnetic control valve and cable 12 V, manual opening on right   O
Without wheel loader mounting
(mounting bracket produced on-site)
Main console without wheel loader mounting (unfinished/primed)   O
Wheel loader console according to drawing for make ....... type .......
Attention: adjustments may be required by the customer (note longer delivery times)
Tank primed and painted with 2-component orange lacquer (DK 300) X  
Special painting of tank acc. to RAL......
(Attention: note extended delivery time)
Sack opener X  
Pressure relief valve   O