Duplex mixing unit 2500 DMA Profi – standard equipment

  • Filling chute with safety grid and safety switch, hydraulically folding
  • Frequency inverter for main drive (maximum mixer performance with different materials)
  • Digitouch Bio weighing and metering unit
  • Radio remote control 
  • Large additional display
  • Solenoid valve for automatic water supply
  • Electrical preparation for (on-site) cement auger
  • Electrical preparation for (on-site) conveyor belt

Tank made from high-quality steel, minimal wear even with the most difficult mixes, max. fill quantity 2500 l,
mixing element with permanent bearing, protected against contamination, minimum effort required.
The new interlocking Duplex agitator ensures unrivalled mixing performance, even with the most difficult mixes.

Attention: Fill quantity may be reduced in the case of heavy or earth-moist mixes