Serbia gets 20 Fliegl “Asphaltprofi-Thermo”

Not only the asphalt industry in Germany is enthusiastic about Fliegl's thermally insulated push-off system, the vehicle has proven itself throughout Europe. Soon, 20 “Asphaltprofi-Thermo” will provide high quality asphalt paving in Serbia. Nine of them are already finished and are waiting for their shipment to Serbia.

The customer opted for a product that uses the push-off technology to ensure a constant temperature during transfer and a continuous homogeneity of the mix. This guarantees an excellent installation quality.

Due to the higher quality paving, a longer durability of the asphalt surfaces can be guaranteed. This significantly reduces the number of renovation cycles. In addition, the push-off function makes it possible to reduce the temperature during the asphalt manufacturing process and thereby less CO2 emissions. Using thermally insulated push-off trailers will protect both, the environment and your wallet.