No dumping – pushing-off in mining and tunnel construction

ASW Stone Dumper

ASW Stone Dumper

Reduce your running costs and increase your profits,
with the patented Fliegl push-off technology.

  • Faster unloading times – higher hourly output
  • Optimum stability on uneven ground

Complete emptying, even with tough sticky materials (clay, damp soil materials, sticky soil etc.)
No manual cleaning or scraping-out of the dumper body – saving time and costs.

The low centre of gravity and above all fast, disturbancefree and complete unloading are the outstanding features of this push-off technology. Because of this dumpers are a lot more stable while dumping and standing on sloping terrain.
Even sticky materials such as for example loamy material, asphalt, damp and sticky clay soils are completely pushed off. Bridges of material, which over time can lead to a reduction of the load volume and with this the effective payload, cannot form anywhere